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For detail specifications of the Governor Test Stand
Governor Test Stand
PMGSPMGS with its vast experience of 25 years in the diesel locomotives and Governors, has designed and developed the following equipments which are useful during servicing and maintenance of Governors.
  • Test and calibration equipment for PGEV Woodward Governor fitted to 251 B & 251 D diesel electric locomotives PMGS part No. LGTS - 003

  • This Test Stand specially designed for Diesel Locomotive Governors. The Test Stand can be utilized for calibrating all other types of Governors with some special attachments.

  • This Test Stand is having special features for easy operation and calibration.

  • Tool kit for PGEV Woodward Governors (ALCO Diesel Locomotives) PMGS part No.,LGTB-004. This Tool kit consist of special tools, jigs and fixtures required during the maintenance, overhauling and calibration of Woodward Governor type PGEV fitted to WDS 6, WDM 2 and YDM 4 Diesel Locomotives.

  • (a) Modified Fuel link for Woodward Governor (ALCO 251 B) PMGS Part No. LGFL - 006
  • (b) Modified Fuel link of Woodward Governor (ALCO 251 D) PMGS Part No. LGFL - 007
This modified fuel linkage is useful for fuel rack setting, adjusting the generator output on load box without giving room for tampering Governor or excitation and avoiding heavy black smoke from engine exhaust while notching up the loco on load.
PMGS Protractor for Governor / Actuator
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